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 In College Connect

Meet Yesika Cruz, a College Connect freshman that is attending City College and will soon be transferring to San Francisco State. We asked her about some of her experiences since she has started college and what advice she would give to incoming students.


Question: What is the most valuable experience you’ve had at your school?

Answer: The most valuable experience I have had in college was being independent and living on my own. Making my own decisions, and living without my parents advice.

Q: What’s the biggest tip you would give to incoming (or current) college students?

A: One of the biggest tips I would like to give to the incoming college students is that they should carefully think what colleges they will choose to attend, looking for the pros and cons of each college. I really recommend that they choose the college that makes them happy. I don’t want them to have the same experience as me. I went an hour away from my house, and it wasn’t a good decision because I was really homesick and I couldn’t focus in school as much as I wanted to.

Q: Where have you gotten the most support since you started college? How did they help you?

A: I have gotten the most support from College Connect and professors and faculty.

Thanks, Yesika for your time and good luck at SF State next year!

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