Volunteer of the Month: Jessica Villa

When Mission Graduates' volunteer program is able to connect with future educators, we are excited to watch them grow into future colleagues. This is definitely true for University of San [...]

Celebrating Black History Month

At the Mission Community Beacon, we are so fortunate to partner with amazing organizations supporting youth development in our community. And 100% College Prep / Bayview Association for Youth is [...]

Cash for College at O’Connell High

For students at John O'Connell High School, the staff in the College and Career Center is ensuring that students find ways to pay for college now. In partnership with JCYC, the team at the [...]

Flynn Celebrates Healthy Hearts

Mission Graduates Extended Day Program's focus during Valentine's Day was to promote healthy bodies and healthy relationships. Instead of the traditional sugary treats, Flynn Elementary held a [...]

K2C Families Begin Saving for College

Families with high school seniors understand the importance of saving for college tuition. But for families with kindergartners in the the San Francisco Unified School District, saving for [...]

Cleaning Up with STEM at the Beacon

Every week, Beacon students have so many classes to choose from, exploring new interests and getting their hand a little dirty in the process. In the Beacon's STEM class, students got the chance [...]

College Savings Beginning for Families

This month, our parent leaders headed to their local branch of Citibank with families from Bryant and Flynn Elementary, supporting for many their first contribution to their student’s saving account.

Insects Make Math Fun at Marshall

This month, Marshall Extended Day Program students put their math skills to good use - plotting the flight path of the monarch butterfly, finding flies in a spider web, and feeding the ant queen [...]

Everett Community Talks Immigration

The new year began with concerns around immigration and deportations in the Mission District. Hearing these fears from families across the community, the Mission Community Beacon and Parent [...]

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