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From Our Partner Schools

Efrain Barrera

Not only has Mission Graduates’ staff been an integral part of the planning and implementation of our school’s family engagement strategies, but Mission Graduates has provided our families with the necessary tools to advocate for their children’s education.

Efrain Barrera · Community School Coordinator (César Chávez Elementary)

Efrain Barrera

Through leadership development activities provided by Mission Graduates, I have seen more Latino parents gain the information and skills necessary to become an active voice not just in the ELAC, but in the SSC and PTA as well. Having an informed and empowered base of Latino parents has made my job easier as I engage different groups of parents to ensure that the school is able to provide equitable services to support the needs of all the student population.

Marshall Elementary was recently recognized as one of the top performing schools for underserved students in the Bay Area. I believe that the work of Mission Graduates to prepare parents to support their children academically at home has been a significant contributing factor to this success.

Peter Avila · Principal (Marshall Elementary)

For the past two years, Mission Graduates has forged deep and lasting relationships with Paul Revere School and its families, tailoring programs to fit the specific needs of our school community. Through English as a Second Language classes and individual technology mentoring for parents, and with technical support for the English Language Advisory Council, Mission Graduates is building a growing network of positive relationships with individual families that has engendered an increasingly engaged and empowered parent community.

The organization works hand-in-hand with the school to assess needs and develop programs specifically designed to meet those needs – for example in expanding its tech mentoring program to include African-American families in addition to Latino parents. As the community school coordinator, I appreciate Mission Graduates responsiveness and unfailing follow-through.

Lorraine Orlandi · Community School Coordinator (Paul Revere School)

From Our Parents

Efrain Barrera

I liked being a part of the Parent Partner Program. I’ve learned a lot. This group has offered me information that has guided me to be an advocate for my children and have access to resources. With this information I can aid and support my children.

Elena Angeles · Parent leader (Marshall Elementary)

Julia Sosa

When my daughter first started school I didn’t really understand what reclassification was or why it is important. With Mission Graduate’s help I learned about it and was able to help my daughter become reclassified. I’ve also been able to work with other parents at her school to increase the number of reclassified students.

Julia Sosa · Promotora