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College Connect has helped me develop more as a well-rounded person. I learned how to become more responsible when it comes to my time, my studies, and my commitments outside of the classroom. Most importantly, I got valuable information that I would not have gotten at my high school during the application process my junior and senior year. The life-lessons that I picked up during CC were the main reason I am going to one of the top universities in the world.

I was not the only one benefiting from this program; my family is as well; they helped get my mother get involved in the process as well. Even though my mother mainly speaks Spanish, CC found ways of teaching my mom the various steps it takes to have an effective application package through workshops and meetings. CC is awesome.

Rebecca Lopez · Cohort 2 · Currently attending UC Berkeley


I want to go to college to have a better life. College Connect has helped me in every category of the college process such as SATs, applications, essays, admissions, financial aid, and much more.

I continue to seek help from time to time and it feels great to know that there is someone there for me at all times. Right now, I plan to become a pharmacist after college.

Michael Liang · Cohort 2 · Currently attending UC San Diego


College Connect has helped me a lot. The program gets me ready for college. We went on a college tour to get experience on how college feels like.

This program has really helped me particularly, because I participate in a lot of activities so every time I go to the office I try to finish my work. Everyone in this program supports us, and helps us because they want us to go to college, and I appreciate the love and care they show us.

Abu Bhonapha · Cohort 3 · Currently attending San Francisco State University


I want to go to college because I want to be the first in my family to go and make it. I also want to be a role model for my little brothers. I want to further my education and get a career that I will enjoy and be very helpful to society.

CC has helped me a lot. It has helped me keep track of what I have to do for college and also to pass high school. It has helped me become more open-minded.

I have enjoyed being in this program because I have met other students who are different than me and who also benefit from this program

Elizabeth Jeronimo · Cohort 3 · Currently attending UC Riverside


College Connect is amazing! I’ve been working with this group for three years and am excited to continue this relationship because of the dedicated and competent staff and wonderful growth I see in the students who participate in their program.

It’s impossible to fully describe the importance this and other college access programming has on the attainability of college for first generation and underrepresented students coming from challenging urban environments.

Brian O’Rourke · Dean of Admissions and Recruitment · Holy Names University



Since 2009, GLOW has effectively partnered with Mission Graduates to increase college success rates for under-resourced students. As an organization, we are better positioned to support the college access and success field by learning from the best practices, methodologies, and services Mission Graduates provides.

Alana Okamoto · Program Director · GLOW



Previous College Connectors who gave us advice made me more optimistic. My future goals are to come back to my community in order to help youth, like myself, achieve their own goals.

Jewelea Rivas · Cohort 2 · Currently attending Cal Poly SLO



I want to go to college because I know it will open up many opportunities for me in the future. I will be the first one in my family to go to college and I feel honored that I’m going to be that role model for my younger siblings.

College Connect has been a really big help to me because the counselors really help and push you to meet the deadlines for applying to college. If it wasn’t for College Connect I may have never started my college application process. Through College Connect I have learned many helpful tips that I can pass on not only to my younger siblings but to many other young people.

Andrea Lara · Cohort 3 · Currently attending San Francisco State University



Primeramente les doy gracias a Mission Graduates por el apoyo que nos an dado a mi y a mis hijas me siento muy agradesida con los programas que nos brindan con College Connect nos explicaron paso a paso que debiamos hacer cuando y como lo debiamos hacer.

Soy una madre satisfecha y feliz por que mis sueños y el de mis hijas se nos hiso realidad. Danelia esta en la Universidad de Whittier en Los Angeles es muy prestigiosa, privada, bonita, y muy costosa $50,000 por año. Rebecca esta en la Universidad de Berkeley, esta muy bonita, cerca y lo mejor, no pagamos ni un centavo. Todo gratis. Tenemos muchas razones por que estar alegre con Dios, con nuestra vida y nuestra Agencia que es muy buena Mission Graduates.

Nos ayuda a someter las aplicaciones para todas las Universidades que ellas tuvieron curiosidad de ir a conocer y para todas las becas que fueran posibles. Gracias a todos.

Danelia Casco · Parent of students in Cohort 1 & 2

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