Extended Day Programs

Mission Graduates’ Extended Day Programs provide award-winning after-school academic enrichment programs serving 400 K-5 children year-round from Marshall , Bryant and Flynn Elementary schools and 120 students from Everett Middle School in the Mission Community Beacon.

The Extended Day Program intentionally designs its curriculum to align with the goals of the school-day. This ensures a seamless experience for the children and their families, and is conducive to reinforcing core academic concepts. While academic support and acceleration are core to the program, the Extended Day Learning Programs combine arts, electives, recreation and academics to create a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience for its children. Strong parent engagement practices are interwoven throughout the program.

The Extended Day Programs also infuse “college messaging” throughout its curriculum to ensure both children and parents alike begin visualizing early for the college experience.

Interested in joining one of our award-winning after-school programs?

Mission Community Beacon at Everett Middle School

Beacon Application 2015-2016

Bryant Elementary School

Bryant Application 2015-2016

Flynn Elementary School

Flynn Application 2015-2016

Flynn Credit Card and Billing Form

Flynn Income Verification Form

Flynn Formulario de Ingreso

Flynn Sliding Fee Scale

Flynn Sliding Fee Scale for Summer Program

Marshall Elementary

Marshall EDP Application 2015-2016

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