I am so glad that [my daughter] Allie got into the College Connect program. We are very lucky because it is very difficult going through the whole college madness, stress, and dealing with everyday life. I don’t know what I would have done without you all. I thank you ALL for your support and always being there for us.

Linda Cordova · Parent

The Tutoring Center has been key in the healthy development of my children… Our children learn so many socializing skills, participate in a lot of enrichment activities, become very smart, and educate us parents about nutrition, civil rights, homelessness, etc. I love the fact that even at our humble elementary school level, kids are talking to us parents about going to college!

Paz Sambrano · Parent


I began working with Mission Graduates in the fall of 2008 as a result of a partnership with InsideTrack, for whom I’ve been working as a Coach in higher education since 2005. To that point, the majority of my interactions had been over the phone and with non-traditional students, primarily working class people who’d realized the potential value and benefit of a college education that they’d either never started or hadn’t completed.

By way of those experiences, I found Mission Graduates’ work within the local community of San Francisco representative of one of the fundamental pieces missing from many of my students’ lives. In high school they often spoke of having no one to develop their ideas of the value of a college education nor did they have the infrastructural support to make it a reality, emotionally or financially.

Mission Graduates’ commitment to providing this kind of infrastructure was immediately evident and inspiring. So much so that it motivated me to take the lead on expanding InsideTrack’s commitment to its corporate volunteering, focusing this effort specifically on the work Mission Graduates is doing, not only because it provides a dynamic insight into those of us working in post-secondary education, but because the work Mission Graduates is doing benefits the community in which InsideTrack thrives.

Mission Graduates is an essential element within the ecosystem of education. I consider it an honor to have worked with them.

Peter Prato · InsideTrack


I think that St. John’s [Mission Graduates] is building on their strengths and their tradition. They serve a part of the Mission that is desperately in need of their services. There are still many more kids that can benefit.

Margaret Brodkin · Director of DCYF

Mission teachers and administrators told me that they have 100% trust in St. John’s [Mission Graduates]. I asked which organization they trust the most to muck around in their school, and they all identified St. John’s [Mission Graduates]. Ultimately, I felt we need the partnership of an agency that really understands both Mission High and the Mission District, and who could potentially provide accessible comprehensive support to the students of the mission program.

Darin Ow-Wing · Director of Community Educational Service in Chinatown

I was very confused trying to deal with everything by myself and therefore I always asked St. John’s [Mission Graduates] for help. The help made a great difference during the application process. If St. John’s wasn’t there, I do not think I could have completed anything.

Angela · Student · Mission High School

Thank you to everyone at CES as well as St. John’s [Mission Graduates] for helping Mission to re-fortify our Health Academy. We think the Mission / St. John’s [Mission Graduates] / CES partnership will work wonders for our under-represented students.

Jennifer Fong · Assistant Principal, Mission High School

Without a doubt, St. John’s [Mission Graduates] is a community partner that helped contribute to the school’s dramatic test score increase in 2007. This partnership allows Mission High School to expand the scope and impact of its academic enrichment programming, ultimately providing our students with the added supports that they need to thrive both academically and socially.

Eric Guthertz · Principal · Mission High School