Staff & Board

Our team is our most valued resource. These committed professionals bring our mission to life every day.


Edward Kaufman, Executive Director

Benjamin Tan, Chief Financial Officer

Narina Maranyan, Operations Manager

Jenna Casey, Volunteer & Development Manager

Board of Directors

Olga Lozovskaya, President

Amelia M. Martínez C., Vice President

Caroline Galindo, Secretary

Lourdes Cordero, Treasurer

Lillian Chen

Pete Gilligan

Jen Hamilton

Allen Li

Wylie Liu

Tai Nicolopoulos

Jennifer Hawkins


Marshall Elementary Extended Day Learning Program

Natalie Guandique, Program Director

Beverly Escobar, Assistant Director & Kindergarten Classroom Coordinator

Giovanni Escobar, Assistant Director & 1st Grade Classroom Coordinator

Priscila Trejo-Martinez, Program Assistant & Kindergarten Classroom Coordinator

Bryant Elementary Extended Day Learning Program

Paloma Lopez, Program Director

Melissa Alvarez, Assistant Director

Flynn Elementary Extended Day Learning Program

Jenny Weston, Director

Ana Gonzalez, Assistant Director

College Connect & College Bound Ambassadors

Catherine Marroquin, College Connect Program Director

Jill Marinelli, College Success Manager

Ivan Aguilera, High School Coordinator

Parent Partner Program

Eric B. Cuentos, Program Director

Gerber Marquez, Program Manager

Maria Rocha, Program Coordinator